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Franklin Public Schools (FPS) offer an education that prepares our children to be highly successful in a rapidly-changing world. It “Exceeds Expectations,” being ranked in the top 5% of school districts in North America according to Niche 2020 Top School Ratings. This accomplishment by teachers, staff, students, and their families are the result of hard work and dedication; Franklin Educational Foundation (Foundation) is proud to play a part in that success.

We work with educators and administrators to fund student opportunities to become their best selves. We do this by focusing on student experiences that lead to engagement and success. As you can see from our extensive grant list, we have been able to provide over $1.3 million in funding for hundreds of important grants and scholarships since we began in 1996. This school year, our goals are high and we need your support.

Goal 1: Support a grant for the Franklin High School for a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Lathe to be used in the Saber Manufacturing capstone class.

This class, a student-run business, provides students the opportunity to collaborate with the manufacturing community to create parts, equipment, and products for use in real-world production. This is an aggressive, $50,000 goal that is vital in providing hands-on experience to ready students for employment.

Goal 2: Support the needs in our community through Mask Drives and the Student Emergency Fund. 

Franklin has families that need additional help in securing necessary supplies and services to support their student’s education. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to support the programs as the needs of our community continue to grow.


Goal 3: Continue our ongoing support of grants to teachers and scholarships for students.

Our students and teachers depend on the funds from the Foundation for necessary school supplies, activities, and continuing education opportunities. Our goal is to raise $25,000 for these continued efforts.

The Foundation is excited and ready to exceed these aggressive goals in the next year, but we cannot do it without help. We rely on the continued support and investment from friends and neighbors like you to achieve our mission: Maximize Student Potential. Not only does your tax-deductible gift to the Foundation directly impact classrooms, it also has far-reaching benefits for the entire community.

Please donate to the Foundation as your investment in the community.  Give us a call at 414-525-7650 if you have any questions. The Franklin Educational Foundation is an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Thank you for your support,

Laura Martin, President

Vicky Cordani, Executive Director


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