Cookies and Cocoa Valentine Delivery

This Valentine’s Day we invite you to surprise a Franklin Public School teacher or special staff member with a personally delivered Valentine greeting! Just let us know who you wish to honor, and our volunteers will take care of the rest.


Remember, if you would like to recognize a staff member but are not sure of names, use the FPS staff directory to find those favorite administrative assistants and aides, custodial staff or special teachers in addition to your student's homeroom teachers.   


Your valentines will be delivered to the FPS school or ECC building on Thursday, February 14, 2022.


Choose from the following 3 options:


Pkg. #1 - Personalized Valentine & Chocolate $10.00


Pkg. #2 - Personalized Valentine, Chocolate & Large Decorated Cookie $15.00


Pkg. #3 - Personalized Valentine, Chocolate, Cookie & Gourmet Hot Cocoa $20.00

Orders are due by Sunday, February 6th.   Please note that we can only deliver to FPS staff members and are unable to accept orders intended for students. THANK YOU!