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Gail DeClark: Culture Fest

A super important aspect of the Franklin Educational Foundation is presenting the students with new learning opportunities. Gail DeClark shares her experience with the 2020 Franklin High School Culture Fest. They received a $1000 grant, allowing them to hold the first large-scale event. This event revolved around sharing culture and heritage, creating new friendships, empathizing, teamwork, and customs. Not only were the students able to share and learn about their classmates' heritage and culture, but they were able to feel included in the community. In addition, they took time to honor the victims of the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting. They were honored with speakers Pardeep Singh Kaleka, who lost his father in the shooting, and Arno Michaelis, a former Skinhead, who spoke about their book The Gift of Our Wounds. Gail explains that “They expressed the importance of events like ours in creating a better and more inclusive community.” What a wonderful experience for the Franklin Public Schools community!

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