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Mr. Chad Kafka: Progression of technology grants

Beginning in the year 2007, Forest Park Middle School purchased an iPod Mobile Learning Lab which included 40 iPods and necessary accessories that could be used in the classroom for activities such as audio recordings, voice memos and podcasts. FEF granted the “iPad Innovation Grant” in 2011 in order to enhance educational opportunities, and go above and beyond current technology that was in use.

Teachers were able to create engaging activities which amplified the students' learning, which soon led to the use of Chromebooks inside classrooms. Kafka said “this grant was really a step in the direction for our district to go 1:1 with a

Chromebook for every student in certain grade levels. We saw the importance of writing and having access to the internet and this helped to propel us in the direction of supplying a Chromebook for every student a few years later as part of our FPS 1:1 planning.”

The technology grants had a very positive impact on students and teachers throughout the Franklin District in a variety of ways. We recognized many statements that corresponded with the success of the grant. “I used the Splash top to make my classroom more interactive-- my students loved it! It also kept them more engaged. I also used it to do some supplemental teaching (ie. more practice with the parts of speech)” Paige Ceku, 8th Grade Language Arts & Special Ed. Students had lots of positive feedback as well “I thought the Ipad was used very well.

Teachers in both Language Arts and Science were able to walk around and individually help students with ease using their iPad. This made it easier for teachers to help students without their computer.” - Courtney Fernandes, 8th Grade FPMS Student.

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