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Nicholas Campbell: Fashion Show & Camping trip Grants

Grants have made a large impact on the Franklin District financially, however they also have left students and staff with some amazing memories. Nicholas Campbell; Robinwood Phys Ed teacher, shares his memorable experiences with the 2019 5th grade camping trip in addition to the 2014 Fashion Show Grant. Nicholas explains that his partnership with the Franklin Foundation Education has provided him with many opportunities, one being the $5000 grant which was applied towards the cost of the camping trip; an annual occurrence for over 18 years. The camping trip was a lifetime experience for children; focusing on teamwork, communication, problem solving and friendships. Secondly, was the Fashion Show grant which he participated in with his daughter. “I created a little dance routine with my 4 year old daughter that we rehearsed ahead of time. So during the show when it was time for my turn on the catwalk, I pulled my daughter up on stage and we nailed the performance. My daughter and I had a blast. Mr. Allen and Mr. Molnar, other teachers in the fashion show, had no chance of competing as we always tried to outperform each other.” What a fun bonding experience he had! It is so important for a positive mark to be left on our community members, and we are continuing to make a difference everyday.

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